whisky flavours

To understand single malt whisky, you have to understand its flavour. These fall into four broad categories. To help you find the right single malt you’re looking for, touch a category to learn more about its attributes and flavour characteristics.

Light and floral: Great as aperitifs, these single malts are light, crisp and fragrant. Like the aroma of fresh cut grass, these whiskies are clean and fresh – perfect for a warm, summer day.

Fruity and spicy: These good all-round single malts are versatile and medium-bodied. Like a walk in the woods, these whiskies reveal natural aromas with a perfect balance of natural sweetness and spice.

Rich and rounded: These rich single malts have a deep, sweet nature with overtones of dried fruits and nuts. Like the finest Christmas cakes, they’re perfect after dinner.

Full bodied and smoky: These single malts are big and bold in character. Their deep wood-smoke flavours warm you from within. Like a glowing fire, these whiskies are perfect for cold, wintry evenings.