Vegan Nutrition Night @ Hiltl Zurich

Tuesday Evening I had the pleasure to attended a Vegan Nutrition information night at Hiltl House, in Zurich together with my Sister and niece Stephanie. The Info night was open to the public but as it turned out we were the only three mixed in with a great group of Hiltl staff. I do like these events where you can sit in with the staff; the lecture then gets so much more personal and intense and everyone made us feel welcomed. It also shows that the Company really supports the training of it`s employees. Karolin Rose is the Nutritionist for Hiltl and any questions we had she had the answer, She made the evening fun and it was loaded with information!

We got to hear about the House of Hiltl and how it has evolved over the years, founded in 1898 by Ambrosius Hiltl, it is the Worlds first and oldest Vegetarian Restaurant, formerly known as “Vegetarierheim and abstinence-Café.” it is now in the hands of the fourth generation and has established it self as a leading institution for healthy eating! Hiltl today offers different venues to its clients from Restaurant to take a way, Bar-Lounge, Catering, Cooking Classes, Training Professional Chefs and the first Veggie Butcher of Switzerland!

We talked about how eco-friendly a Vegetarian / Vegan Diet is to what health benefit it has and what you need to eat to get all your nutrition’s, Vitamins and the sources of egg whites! We looked at the different types of Tofu that are on the Market and other options such as Seitan and Tempeh and also talked about the Vegan food Pyramid, which you will find here. . We all got a nice folder filled with Nutritional information and Vegan recipes to take home!

To close the evening we ventured downstairs to the Veggie Butcher shop, where we got surprised with a little Snack waiting for us! Of course we still had lots of questions and with all the fantastic products they carry we had even more, and left very inspired!

Thank you, Hiltl House, I hope to be back soon!IMG_2573 IMG_2574 IMG_2575

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